Helpers Social Development Foundation: Transforming Digital Education in Nigeria

Impact Summary

Solar Solution + Computer

  • Lighting to impact education and knowledge in the community.
  • Power for a computer lab to teach basic computer training to the students and provide computer training to the community.
  • An additional computer for the school’s computer lab.
  • Power to charge phones, computers, etc.

Helpers Social Development:

Solar for a Primary School in Nigeria

Small Solar Solution Leads to Positive Ripple Effects

Helpers Social Development Foundation has a mission to reach millions of less privileged Africans who are facing the same problems their founder, Okeke Chidi, faced while growing up as a child in Nigeria. You can read his inspiring story here and learn how and why he is determined to offer free education, quality health care and economic empowerment to underprivileged Nigerians.

When we decided to partner with the foundation, we received the following email from Chidi, outlining how a small solar solution could impact the school and why they needed power:

“Nice meeting you. The solar system will serve multiple purposes in our school.

1. Your support will help to give our school light to impact knowledge to our community.

2. It will help us to setup computer class in our school. It will help our teachers to teach our pupils basic computer training such as MS windows, typing, Microsoft word, internet.

3. The solar system will help us to organize free computer training for children's within the host community during school holidays.

4. It will help in charging of phones etc.

Galaxy illage Oji-River where our school is located have been without electricity facilities were vandalized and government is not paying attention to restore it which lead the community to be without electricity.”

After sending funds to the Helpers Social Development Foundation, we were amazed at the speed of the organization’s action. A local solar company installed the solar panels and storage system quickly and within a month, the students and teachers were able to use the computer lab and take advantage of the many benefits provided by the new source of clean, reliable and stable power for their educational services.

The Solar Foundation installation of solar power at Helpers Foundation Nursery and Primary School has given the school 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, wherein students now learn at a faster pace unlike before. This donation has given the teachers a massive moral boost in teaching as well as enabling the environment to do their job. They can now charge their phones and also teach the students digital skills as well as basic computer training.

How the Solar System is Empowering [the] Education System in Nigeria, 9 July 2023

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