Decentralized clean energy is a public good

The Solar Foundation's mission is to fund and accelerate off-grid solar for underserved communities in emerging markets.

Ayowecca Uganda
Care for the Needy Charity
Helpers Social Development Foundation


A just transition to clean energy for ALL

The Solar Foundation focuses on funding off-grid solar solutions for grassroots, community led NGOs such as schools, healthcare centers, community centers and agroforestry and regenerative farming organizations—providing clean, reliable power for rural, low-income  communities. We envision innovative sustainable funding models to empower more people to access clean energy and to have an ownership stake in the solar deployed.

Off-grid solar in emerging economies equals life-changing impact

Energy Sovereignty

Solar plus storage solutions for those without a stable source of electricity creates energy independence, decreases reliance on diesel generators, lowers GHG emissions, and enables the community to leapfrog over the need for fossil fuels.

Climate Resilience

Off-grid solar energy is not an end in itself. It has a profound impact on people's quality of life — on their health, safety, economic empowerment, and their ability to adapt and respond to climate change.

Our Goals:
Solar Power for the People


Advance equitable access to clean, affordable solar energy and storage including microgrids.


Develop a transparent, open-source funding model to accelerate off-grid solar solutions in underserved communities.


Implement innovative pilot projects to increase the utility/benefits of solar power to the communities who need it the most, including a focus on women & youth.

“When communities own their own energy assets, they also have control over other issues that matter to them.”

Arturo Massol-Deyá
Executive Eirector, Casa Pueblo (Puerto Rico)


Take meaningful, sustainable climate action that impacts real lives