We utilize effective technologies to accelerate our work & advance progress toward SDG7.

We work with individuals and NGOs to find innovative ways to use new technologies like blockchain to accelerate and scale off-grid solar in rural communities in emerging economies. We also envision innovative pilots and sustainable funding models to empower our partner communities to access clean energy and have an ownership stake in the solar deployed.


To ensure universal access to clean and affordable energy.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), as of 2022, 600 million people in Africa lack access to electricity, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Off-grid solar is seen as the key technology in many rural regions to advance decarbonization, address energy poverty and ensure equitable progress towards SDG7.

Small but mighty!

Our team

Jon Ruth

Jon Ruth has over 15 years of experience developing, managing, and constructing over 400MW of C&I and utility-scale solar projects.

He has also been on the nonprofit United Solar Initiative board for six years. Since 2016, Jon has been involved in cryptocurrency, including mining various cryptocurrencies. For 20+ years, Jon has studied climate change and has a passion for building sustainable solutions to one of the most significant challenges humanity faces. Jon is building his legacy by making the maximum impact possible in the fight against climate change.

Coleen Chase

Coleen Chase is a member of the Climate Coordination Network (formerly the Gitcoin Climate Advisory Team) and former contributor to the Gitcoin where she helped manage operations and outreach for the Gitcoin Grants Program.

Her background includes marketing and operations at Microsoft and Apple. She cares deeply about using Web3 for meaningful, sustainable, real-life climate action. After adding solar to her family’s home and realizing how difficult it is to implement a microgrid in her community, she is committed to finding innovative ways to implement an equitable transition to solar solutions so that people everywhere can access clean, renewable energy and experience a healthier, safer, more secure and brighter future.

Partners & Advisors
Jonathan Olwenyi, CEO & Founder, Ayowecca Uganda
Tarah Stafford, Sustainability Advocate
Susie Kavanaugh, Future of Learning & Work

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A short history

We've packed a lot of work in a short space of time

Founded October 2022

Jon Ruth and Coleen Chase unite their efforts & create The Solar Foundation with a mission to fund and accelerate off-grid solar for underserved communities in emerging markets.

Funded first project — Feb 2023

Ayowecca Uganda for solar lights & fencing

Expanded into Puerto Rico — Mar 2023

Expanded into Puerto Rico for a new partnership with The Footprint Project for mobile solar generators + workshop;

Expanded into Nigeria — April 2023

Expanded into Nigeria to partner with Helpers Social Development Foundation for solar to power school + computer lab: April 2023

Expanded into Tanzania —  2023 (in progress)

Expanded into Tanzania for OMAWA microgrid project

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