Footprint Project: Mobile Solar Generators + Workshop

Impact Summary

Location: La Parguera, Puerto Rico

  • Funded three mobile solar generators for the La Parguera community
  • Contributed to the Build Power Workshop run by the Footprint Project for local students and leaders to plan, assemble and maintain the mobile solar systems for increased community power and resilience

In March 2023, we proudly partnered with the Footprint Project's mobile solar efforts in Puerto Rico. The organization’s inspiring mission is to provide cleaner energy for communities in crisis. 

This was the Footprint Project’s first Build Power Workshop in Puerto Rico and it was held with students at La Escuela Alejandro Tapia y Rivera and community members from La Parguera to build 3 new mobile solar generators funded by The Solar Foundation. The workshops teach communities how to operate and maintain mobile solar equipment so they can provide peer-to-peer energy and be prepared for power outages before a storm or whenever the grid goes down.

The future's looking bright in La Parguera and the Solar Foundation is honored to have been a part of this important work.

The Footprint project trained local youth at the Build Power Workshop

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