Solar Lights and Fencing + Mobile Solar Solution for Agroforestry NGO

Impact Summary

Solar Lights + Perimeter Fencing for Agroforestry Nursery + Mobile Solar Solution for Office

  • Solar-powered lights for increased security without the need for fossil fuels or the connection to a utility grid.
  • Perimeter fencing for increased safety for the seedlings at Ayowecca’s nursery.
  • Solar power for NGO office: lights, motion detector, charging for phones etc.
  • Mobile solution so can be moved when the office changes location.

Ayowecca Uganda: Solar + Fencing

Overview of the Solar Solution

The Solar Foundation partnered with Jonathan Olwenyi, the executive director of Ayowecca Uganda, on two off-grid solar projects so far. Ayowecca Uganda is a community led agroforestry and regenerative farming NGO that also has a mission to empower women and children.

We learned about Ayowecca’s need for solar power when we participated in a Gitcoin Grants funding round. The Ayowecca nursery—where they grow fruit trees for schools and health centers—had been vandalized and there was a need for increased security to support their agroforestry efforts. Partnering with Ayowecca, we learned that in addition to solar-powered lights, security would be enhanced by perimeter fencing.

In the first quarter of 2023, The Solar Foundation partnered with Ayowecca Uganda to install solar lighting and perimeter fencing to improve the safety and security of their nursery operations.

Our next project with Ayowecca was to fund a mobile solar solution to power Ayowecca’s office operations. The organization is hoping to relocate their office to a larger facility in the future so it would be ideal to have a solar solution that they could take with them when they move. We helped Jonathan fund a SunKing mobile solar installation that included solar lights and a motion detector along with the ability to charge phones and eventually, a computer. The solar solution replaced an unreliable diesel generator and its GHG emissions and the need to purchase fossil fuels.

The installation of Ayowecca Uganda's mobile solar solution.
[Placeholder] Many schools in rural areas have enrolled students in school due to the installation of solar power in their schools. One such school is Helpers Foundation Nursery and Primary School's where the installation of solar power has boosted the enrollment of out-of-school children back to school.

Okeki Chidi Chinwendu

Co-Founder & Chairman

Helpers Social Development Foundation, Nigeria

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